How to use e-Moped Zelectra


  • – To display the type of vehicles you need in the mobile application, use the Filter in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • – To use e-Moped, you need to go through a one-time verification, which includes adding a Driver’s license (of any category) and your Selfie to the application.
    This verification allows you to make sure that the user has knowledge of traffic rules and is of legal age..
  • – To avoid interruption of your trip, we recommend using the automatic top-up function.
    You can activate auto-replenishment in the section My wallet, which is located in the Menu of your mobile application..
  • – Be careful and use a helmet on every trip.
    Remember to connect your helmet to the e-Moped and close the case before finishing your ride.


How are payments made for Zelectra services?


You have the opportunity to pay for services using a bank card. The cost of renting an electric scooter / electric scooter will be debited from your account immediately after the end of the rental. The rental time and cost can be viewed on the website and in the mobile application.


Automatic balance top-up function


Users can turn on / off automatic balance top-up.
As soon as the user’s balance reaches 0 ₴, the system will automatically replenish it from the added payment card by 100 ₴.
If the automatic recharge function is disabled in the settings, the system will stop the scooter and prompt the client to top up the wallet or end the ride.


Changes to your bank card details


You can change your payment card details in your Zelectra mobile app profile in the Profile tab by clicking on the Delete payment card field. If your account is in arrears, you will be allowed to change your payment card details only after it has been redeemed.


Long-term rental of an electric moped / electric scooter Zelectra on one battery charge


In this case, the rental price will not exceed UAH 700/499. It is also best to use the Pause function in the Zelectra mobile application, because in the case of a long-term lease of the Zelectra electric moped / electric scooter, it will save you battery power and money. Using the above “Pause” function, you pay only 2 / 1 UAH. per minute, and the electric moped / electric scooter will be reserved only for you. Please pay attention to the charge level of the electric moped / electric scooter before starting the ride.


Additional expenses


All existing additional costs relate to fines related to damage to the electric scooter / electric scooter, traffic violations, etc. A complete list of penalties can be found in the Terms of Use.


Safety regulations


  • – follow the general rules of the road
  • – do not interfere with pedestrians and cars, use a helmet
  • – there are fines for parking in places not provided for this
  • – do not drive while intoxicated, do not overload electric transport
  • – park so as not to interfere with anyone, lower the step, holding the electromoped behind the wheel
  • – electric transport under guard





Limited Liability Company “ZELECTRA” offers its Users a short-term lease (rental) of two-wheeled vehicles with electric motors (mopeds/scooters) with a capacity of less than 3 kW.


We have created a network for Scooter rental and now Users can find, rent, and use electric mopeds/scooters with the help of the ZELECTRA mobile application.


ZELECTRA Limited Liability Company (ZELECTRA LLC) is a legal entity duly established, registered, and operating following the current legislation of Ukraine, identification code (USREOU code – 43532527).


Location of the legal entity: Ukraine, Kyiv.